Lärare säger
"...roliga och pedagogiska..."
"...stor variation på melodierna..."

Elever säger
"...pianostegen är jättebra!!!!"
"...det är jätteroligt!"

Här är du välkommen att
BLÄDDRA och LYSSNA på allt.

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Teachers say
" and pedagogical..."
"...great variation on melodies..."

Pupils say
"...pianostegen is really good!!!!"
"'s great fun!"

Here you are welcome to
BROWSE and LISTEN to it all.

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The three books of Pianostegen contain material for the first 3-4 study years. They present short musical "stories" with imaginative texts and pictures. You will learn how to read sheet music and also how to express the songs vividly.

The music will continously pass through different genres, e.g. classical, pop ballad, ragtime, blues, atonal, disco and jazz. There is also elements of improvisation and composition, which in time will boost your personal development and help you with the understanding of interpretation.

You can play on a real piano or use a touch sensitive keyboard. Either way you will learn how to handle piano keys and a pedal.
Perhaps eventually you will want to create and record your very own orchestral music with some beautiful and exciting sounds, using a piano keyboard connected to a computer.

Christer Nordahl, piano pedagogue

 3 years private teacher
 2 years music at high school (Malmö),
 2 years organist at conservatory (Lund)
 3 years pianopedagogue at college (Malmö).

 1980-2022 in Kalmar, Halmstad and Kinna.

 Piano, Organ, Music theory, Synth ensemble,
 MIDI-technique, Computer programming